Made in Italy, The Lorenzini Bits combine the natural beneficial characteristics of pure Titanium with the beauty and elegance of European craftsmanship. Lorenzini Titanium Bits feature:
  • Antibacterial
  • Non-Toxic and Hypoallergenic
  • Superior Strength
  • Strong Ionization and Electro Semi-Conduction Qualities
  • Lightweight
  • Increases Saliva
  • Decreases Muscle Stiffness and Pain
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Low Heat Conduction
  • No Maintenance, clean with soap and water
  • Lorenzini bits are available in a classic oval mouth loose ring that is simple and gentle. The oval mouth eggbutt, like the loose ring, is also a great gentle option and reduces the chance of pinching the cheeks. We also offer the lighweight low port weymouth, loose ring bradoon or the oval mouth baucher.

    Lorenzini's top quality can also be seen in their stirrup irons which feature "cheese grater" stirrup beds to keep your foot from sliding around while the stirrup hangs at a slight angle making it easier for you to keep your ankles flexed.