Myler Low Port Eggbutt Level 2 Bit with Hooks, 89-30045

Myler Low Port Eggbutt Level 2 Bit with Hooks, 89-30045

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Myler Low Port Eggbutt Bit with Hooks

The Comfort Snaffle features allows the rider to isolate one side of the bit for bending, balancing, and lifting a shoulder. With a special "no-pinch" barrel and curved mouthpiece that applies firm pressure—not pain—on the tongue, the Comfort Snaffle provides superior communication between you and your horse.

2 Hooks are located on the Eggbutt Rings. Hooks fix attachment of reins and headstall and allow bit to work like a leverage bit. When reins are pulled upward and backward, mouthpiece rolls downward and backward into the mouth while pulling downward on the poll.

Curved mouthpiece with low-ported center barrel. 3/4" Port. Designed to apply pressure on the tongue and corners of the bars, to collapse slightly on the bars, to give tongue relief before restriction, and to allow Independent Side Movement.

Level 2. Stainless Steel Eggbutt w/ Hooks and 5" Low Port Comfort Snaffle Copper Inlay Mouthpiece will not rust and/or seize up with wear.