Horse Hydrator

Horse Hydrator

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Horse Hydrator

Horse Hydrator is a simple, yet great, solution to a common and serious problem. It is a filtration system that attaches to a hose and filters out foul tastes and smells as well significantly reduces chlorine, soluble heavy metals, iron and hydrogen sulfide. Horses can be quite finicky about their water, especially if it smells or tastes different. The Horse Hydrator easily allows you to filter their water, so it is fresh and clean, without having to haul water from home or worry about them being dehydrated.

The Horse Hydrator uses 2 filtration processes: One, is the Kinetic Degradation Fluxion or KDF. KDF-55 process media which are made of high purity copper-zinc granule combination which is responsible for decreasing the chlorine, iron, lead, mercury, hydrogen sulfide, magnesium, calcium carbonate, chromium, algae, fungi, bacteria and other harmful contaminants in unfiltered water. They use this media so that through an exchange of electrons, the impurities are reduced to harmless components. The second is, through the use of the eco-friendly coconut carbon. This type of filtration has a higher volume of microspores to trap contaminants more readily than coal or wood type carbons. It also can reproduce their natural fruit up to three times a year and collection of the shells doesn't injure the tree.

Use the Horse Hydrator with any standard hose or fitting that supplies micro-biologically safe water. Attach Horse Hydrator and run water for five seconds to clear environmentally friendly coconut carbon residue. The water will appear dark at first (this is normal). For the first few uses, repeat this process. The filter life is 700-2000 gallons or approximately 4 months. Best if stored in a cool, dry place. Do not allow to freeze. DO NO use on non-potable water.