Kep Italia Cromo Riding Helmet

Kep Italia Cromo Riding Helmet


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Kep Italia Cromo Riding Helmet

Kep Italia is a leading brand for technology, safety, design and comfort for equestrian helmets. The superior quality of Kep Italia's products is endorsed by champions of each discipline and certified by FIVE International Safety Organizations: CE VG1 01.040 2014-12, SEI/ASTM: F1163, KITE MARK, IC MARK EN1384, PAS015: 2011 KITE MARK. Kep Italia helmets are designed and manufactured in Italy with special attention to detail to insure safety and comfort for the rider. The front air vent is fitted with a central lever that moves from bottom to top allowing you to control the movement of air. A second steel grid has been fixed to the front grid vents to further protect the head from any external objects entering. The perfect and uniform circulation of air keeps your head cool and dry. Air made warm by the temperature of your head, escapes through the back of the helmet. The harness strap is made entirely of soft and washable anti-allergy artificial leather. The strap has 5 connection points to provide the helmet with greater stability. The safety rivets (Nichol free) are applied using a particular and specific system to avoid the direct contact with the skin. Removable internal padding features Coolmax for optimum comfort and maximum breathability. Kep helmets also feature a flexible visor to prevent breakage in the event of a fall.

Available in 6 7/8-7 1/2 in Long Oval Shape (Standard) or Round Shape. Matte Black (pictured above) and Matte Navy (pictured below).