Prestige X D1 K Zero Dressage Saddle

Prestige X D1 K Zero Dressage Saddle

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Prestige X-D1 K Zero Dressage Saddle

Developed in order to ensure the optimum freedom of movement to the horse's shoulders. The D1 has the panels cut away at the shoulder (see photo inset) to allow greater freedom in the horse's shoulder. Thanks to its special panels, this saddle fits wide horses well and also horses with very large shoulders. Big front blocks with a deep seat.

Due to the panel configuration, special care must be taken when girthing the saddle. The front billet is elastic to allow the freedom in the shoulders. The rear billet should be tightened first. Then the front billet is tightened only enough to remove any slack. It should not be tight at all. We have also found that many horses with large shoulders that require a wide or extra wide tree in other saddles, now can take a medium tree with the cut away panels. This gives a much more comfortable and stable fit for the horse and rider.

The D1 K Zero Model is a monoflap version of the D1 Zero Dressage Saddle. The monoflap version is for riders who require even more contact with the horse, by maintaining the same action on the horse shoulders as in D1 saddle.The D1 K Zero model is different from the previous model because it offers now a narrower twist to the rider. This has been possible by working on the following three points:

  • The saddle tree is now thinner in the middle
  • The upper part of the flaps is now in calfskin instead of leather , so that we could obtain less thickness in this area
  • The under flaps in the same area of the calfskin inserts of the flaps, have a special thermo-sensitive rubber so that it is possible to reach an even lower thickness.
  • Available in two leathers. The usual double leather or the LUX leather for $6060. The LUX leather is a special double leather with the typical softness of calfskin leather and the durability of regular leather (3.3mm thickness).

    Tree size - The D1 comes in 3 tree sizes, narrow, medium and wide. If your horse typically needs a wide tree due to the size of the shoulders, you will probably find that he only needs a medium tree in the D1. The medium tree will typically fit a horse that takes a 32-35 tree in a Prestige saddle, and the wide will fit a horse that is a 35+. If you find the saddle tipping forward due to the extra room in the shoulders, the Trapezius pad linked below, is designed to go under the D1 to take up extra room in the shoulder area when needed, but to compress to allow freedom of movement of the shoulders as the horse moves.

    Prestige recommends using the Prestige Trapezium Pad with this saddle. Please call 1-800-506-5344 for more information regarding this saddle.

    FREE leathers with saddle purchase.

    Prestige saddle trees can be adjusted by certain authorized Prestige dealers. VTO is authorized to make these adjustments. We can adjust a tree up or down by 2cm at a time up to 36cm and down to 31cm. We suggest that you test ride a saddle that we have available in a tree size close to what you think that you will need. Then if we need to adjust a saddle that we have in stock for you, we can do that. The charge for changing a saddle tree is non-refundable, but it is applicable to the purchase of a new saddle. In other words, we don't charge you to adjust the tree on a new saddle if you purchase it. But we do charge you for the adjustment if you do not purchase the saddle. Please call us at 800-506-5344 for details on this program. We can also adjust the trees on any Prestige saddle, not just new saddles.

    Test Ride available. Most of our in-stock Prestige saddles are available for test rides. Please inquire.