ThinLine Half Pad

ThinLine Half Pad

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ThinLine Half Pad

This pad is 1/4" thick and is designed with the horse in mind. Because it is thicker than the Ultra, shock is moved a further distance, providing more comfort for the horse. This pad is recommended for horses in high impact situations, such as jumping, reining, or barrel racing, horses with back soreness or similar issues, young horses, beginning riders, and horses spending long hours under saddle, such as endurance, trail, or working horses. ThinLine Pads are different from any other pad because it incorporates an open-cell technology that moves shock, weight and heat laterally along the pad without compressing. Operating much like a shoe insole, this new technology in saddle pads provides the greatest comfort and protection on the market for both horse and rider, providing the following features:

  • High 95% Shock Absorption
  • 100% Air Flow
  • Eliminates Pressure Points
  • NoSlip/Cling Technology
  • Molds to the Saddle and Horse's Back for a Custom Fit
  • Infused with an Active Anti-microbial Agent
  • Improves Saddle Fit
  • Virtually Indestructible

Available in Black.