Tri-Zone Fetlock Boot

Tri-Zone Fetlock Boot

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Tri-Zone Fetlock Boot

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A technologically advanced fetlock boot that provides maximum comfort and protection for your horse. As stated by the company, "the Tri-zone brand is built on a core principle of zoned protection - providing un-rivaled protection where it's needed most. When impact occurs, shock is transferred through 3 zones: From the thick 'central strike zone', through the middle and low risk strike zones, taking that shock away from the leg's tendons and ligaments. Tri-zone's technology works - they absorb up to 50% more concussion and are 50% more resistant to penetration in independent clinical trials when compared to market leading brands. Tri-zone's design, light and flexible outershell, and soft EVA lining, won't restrict movement or flexion, providing maximum comfort and protection for the horse."

These fetlock boots are designed for increased coverage of the fetlock joint, and are made of the same material as the Tri-Zone Tendon Boots. Available in Medium black only.

The Lite Fetlock Boot comes in one size fits most and features a slim-line design, ideal for protecting the horse's leg without restricting flexion.