We know how hard it is to buy a saddle. Believe us, we've been there. Mrs. VTO has a very hard to fit horse herself. Besides, who can tell how a saddle will ride by the way it sits on the horse's back? The only way to really tell if the saddle fits you and the horse and you like the way it rides, is to put some hours in the saddle!

So, VTO has started a fleet of test ride saddles that you can ride in as much as you like. Here is how it works: On our website under individual saddle listings, we list a saddle as a "test ride". If you select this saddle in your shopping cart, we assume that you are going to take this saddle on trial and ride in it to see if you like it. You will have 5 days to ride in the saddle after you receive it. After 5 days, please call us at 800-506-5344 to let us know if you want to keep the saddle, send it back and order a different size, or just send it back. If you send it back, there is no charge - your only cost is the cost to ship it back to us. All we ask is that if you end up buying a saddle based on your test ride, you buy it from us.

When you order the saddle on-line, your credit card will be authorized but not charged. Your card will not be charged until we hear from you that you want to keep the saddle. If we don't hear from you within 2 weeks, we will assume that you want to keep the saddle and process the payment.

Some of our test ride saddles have been ridden in before. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a discount on these saddles since we would need to replace it at our regular cost if you buy it. Luckily, most of the saddles in our test ride program are either new, or have been ridden in only once or twice and are in like-new condition. The reason for this is simple: After riding in these saddles, most people do not want to give them up. They buy the saddle and we replace the test ride with a new saddle. A few of our saddles have been ridden in quite a bit. These are usually saddles that Mrs. VTO either owns and rides in regularly, or she did ride in them quite a bit but changed horses. We recommend that if you test ride one of these heavily used saddles, you send it back to order a new one. If you would like to keep the used saddle, we can offer a 10% discount. We still have to replace the saddle with a new test ride!

Many of our saddle suppliers also keep a fleet of test ride saddles. We can often get you one of these to ride in, but since we don't have it in stock, it may take some time to get it to you. Also, most of our saddles priced $2000 and up are available for test ride if we have it in stock; currently all in-stock Prestige saddles are available for test ride. Most of our saddles priced under $1000 are not available for test rides. Those priced in between depend on the supplier.

Please call (1-800-506-5344) for more information regarding a specific saddle you are interested in test riding. Or if you don't know exactly what you want, we are more then happy to help you find the perfect saddle for you and your horse.