Updoc Bit

Updoc Bit

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VTO Saddlery Exclusive! Today only!
The Updoc Bit

Important note: Due to unanticipated high demand, the Updoc bit is sold out for the season. Plus, we accidentally left them out of the refrigerator, and most of them spoiled. We are expecting another shipment around April 1, 2025, so check back then.

What's Updoc? A revolutionary advancement in bitting technology. A major improvement over old-fashioned metal bits, the Updoc mouthpiece uses only all-natural materials. Our exclusive mouthpiece has been extensively tested by thousands of horse owners. The results? 100% of all horses readily accepted this mouthpiece. 100%. What other bit can make such a claim?

We are so confident in this breakthrough that we guarantee your horse will accept this bit. No more throwing of the head or trying to push the bit out of the mouth. Your horse will contentedly mouth this bit.

"I've spent years trying to find the right bit for my horse. When I tried the Updoc bit, I couldn't believe how readily he accepted it. He literally gobbled it up!"
- T. Bird

Like copper bits, the Updoc promotes salivation. But unlike copper bits, this one is high in Vitamin A and Beta Carotene. And because a growing number of horses are following a vegetarian diet, we've made the Updoc fully compatible with this dietary choice. Vegan? Kosher? Don't worry. We've got that covered, too.

"I used to have to guard my tack, but with the Updoc™ bit I can always tell if a wascally rascally stablemate has been using it. I got mine in the distinctive orange color so I can tell it from the other bits. Vewy nice!"
- E. Fudd

For short-term use only. Seriously. Very short-term.

"I wanted to find out why my horse liked this bit so much, so I tasted it. A very pleasant taste indeed - oddly familiar, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. But he likes it, and that's all that really matters."
- B. Bunny

Limited-time offer.
The supply of the exclusive Updoc bit is strictly limited, so we are able to offer it today only. Hurry! When April 2 comes, the Updoc will be gone.

Warning: Do not carry the Updoc bit in your pocket when walking through a pasture full of horses. We cannot be responsible for torn clothing, mashed toes, or general muggings by your horses.

Refrigerate after opening.

Important Notice: Due to extremely limited availability, the Updoc bit is subject to prior sale and we cannot guarantee delivery. If you order an Updoc bit and we are sold out, you will not be charged, and we cannot backorder this item.