Rambo Blankets

Rambo turnouts are made from super strong ballistic nylon. It is the stuff they make bullet-proof vests from; you can't get much tougher than that. The special structure of nylon allows their AquaTrans coating to bond to the nylon ensuring the coating will remain waterproof and breathable for much longer when compared to toehr materials such as polyester. That is why Horseware can give you a 3 year guarantee on Rambo turnouts. All Rambo blankets are:

  • Waterproof and Breathable
  • 1000 Denier Baliistic Nylon Outer Shell
  • Surefit Neck Design (excluded on "The Original")-This improved cut gives a more universal shape and is designed to provide the best possible fit for all shapes and sizes. It fits well in front of the withers allowing ample room around the shoulders and chest, complimenting the fit of the 'V' front closure perfectly.
  • Patented 'V' Front Closure System (excluded on "The Original")-The unique closure transfers pressure above the point of the shoulder, relieving any tightness and giving the horse even more freedom. The patented 'V' shape gives your horse more room at the base of his neck allowing him to dip his head without obstruction.
  • Patented Leg Arches and Third Surcingle (excluded on "The Original")-The leg arches and 3rd surcingle allow for the blanket to fit snugly around the horse's shape, maximizing both freedom and protection.
  • Large Tail Flap
  • Quick Release Surcingles
  • PVC Coated Tail Cord (excluded on "The Original")-Replaces the usual fillet strap. The elasticized PVC covered cord is easier to clean and more flexible which takes pressure off fittings and straps.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware-Prevents rusting and is incredibly strong and hard wearing
  • Anti-Bacterial Lining-Eliminates bacteria, which multiply in the presence of dirt, moisture and heat. This can cause infections and allergies. The hydrophilic nature of the lining will conduct moisture away from the horses' body where it will the be absorbed by Horseware's unique AquaTrans coating.
  • Reflective Strips
  • Rambo 3 Year Guarantee Against Waterproofness and Breathability
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    Blanket Sizing
    The fit of your blanket is extremely important in order to ensure the comfort of your horse and to prevent rubbing and slippage of the blanket. As horses of the same height at the wither come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is useful to take certain measurements of your horse.
    How to Measure:
    Measure your horse from the center point of the chest, around the side over the high point of the wither, to the butt cheek. When you have that measurement choose the nearest size.

    Other Tips for Fitting your Blanket

  • Belly surcingles should be adjusted to allow a hands width between staps and belly.
  • Keep in mind that the neck on the Rambo Wug is a higher fit, therefore the neck and chest area will be a snugger fit.
  • The trigger clips on the patented 'V' Front Closure System should always be closed with the clasp facing inward.
  • Your hand should fit comfortably between the neck and shoulder areas of the blanket. If not, the blanket could cause discomfort and rubbing.
  • If the blanket extends beyond the top of the tail, the blanket may be too big. If the blanket does not reach the top of the tail, the blanket may be too small. However, examine the neck and shoulder area for fit before making a decision to go for a different size.
  • Make sure the tail is lifted over the tail cord (fillet strap) and that the strap is securely attached on both sides. This will prevent the blanket from blowing forward.
  • Blanket Weights
    Lite-0 grams of fill. Just the outer shell with no inside fill.
    Medium-200 grams of fill.
    Heavy-370 grams of fill, except for the Rambo Supreme Heavy which is 470 grams of fill

    So Whats the Difference Between all the Styles?
    Rambo Plus- The Plus turnout is available from Horseware in Medium or Heavy weight. It features a permanent neck cover.
    Rambo Supreme- The Supreme turnout is availabe from Horseware in a Lite, Medium or Heavy weight. Super heavyweight, it comes complete with removable neck cover.
    Rambo Wug- The Wug turnout is available from Horseware in a Lite, Medium or Heavy weight. The high cut neck design provides a snug fit and eliminates wither pressure.
    Rambo Original-The original turnout is available from Horseware in Lite, Medium or Heavy weight. This style is a modernized version of "The Original" with the addition of a neck cover and liner loops. This blanket is a versatile blanket for any equine wardrobe. Neck cover available separately.
    Rambo "The Original"- "The Original" is available from Horseware in Lite, medium or Heavy weight. The classical design of the Rambo Original Turnout has formed the basis for turnout blanket design world-wide.