Fleeceworks is the manufacturer of fine Australian Merino equestrian products. They take great care in selecting their materials and designing their products to ensure that both the horse and rider are comfortable and happy.

Each material that is used in their pads was selected because it is the best choice for each particular job. Their genuine Australian sheepskin comes from older, wool producing sheep. Unlike lambskin, whose wool is very thick and tends to be coarse, the sheepskins from older sheep are dense, strong and very soft. This type of wool allows us to shear the wool down to about 1" length, which is the optimum length to protect against pressure points, deliver an effective thermal balancing layer and yet retain the fit and contact of your saddle. The two major benefits of real sheepskin are its ability to prevent pressure points and to deliver vital thermal balance.

Therawool: As can be seen in the Therawool Perfect Balance Half Pad Fleeceworks takes the same wool fibers used in their sheepskin pads and weaves them on to poly-acrylic backing. Considered a sustainable fiber vs a live fiber. Durable, Breathable, Washable, Hydrophylic, Elastic and Protective. Soft and plush even after washing. Their product will not felt up after washing as with other wools currently on the market. Returns to original appearance with Brushing.

Perfect Balance Technology: When faced with issues related to saddle fit or conformation, Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Technology remains the preferred choice. The combination of the pure Australian Sheepskin, the option of three different insert materials and the Patent Pending design make the Perfect Balance Pad an essential piece of equipment in top barns. The Perfect Balance Quilted Half Pad features options for shims to help you achieve the perfect fit.