Charles Owen MS1 Pro Skull Cap with MIPS

Charles Owen MS1 Pro Skull Cap with MIPS


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Product Description


Charles Owen MS1 Pro Skull Cap with MIPS Technology

A truly new jockey skull with its added MIPS Technology. No other skull has incorporated the MIPS technology before, so with the three certifications to three international
equestrian standards, riders can feel truly protected as they ride the gallops or simply hack out.

The ABS outershell offers a deep fit made secure with the unique padded harness.

Ten ventilation slots and removable cup headband add to the functionality of this new skull.

Safety standards: SEI certification to ASTM F1163-15, Kitemarks to VG1 01-040 2014-12 and PAS015:2011, and a CE mark to VG1 01-040 2014-12

Available in regular fit skull sizes 0.5 to 4.5 and in round fit skull sizes 1.5, 2, and 2.5.   Available in black (does not include helmet cover),  Aquamarine, Benetton (Blue), Poppy, and Raspberry.  Colors except for black include a black helmet cover as shown.


  • 10 ventilation slots
  • Soft leather harness
  • Washable and replaceable headband
  • MIPS technology
  • Meets multiple safety standards
  • Limited-time colour options