Charles Owen Pro II Plus Skull

Charles Owen Pro II Plus Skull


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Charles Owen Pro II Plus Skull

Riding just got cooler! Ventilation holes front and rear with a brand new cover designed to keep the air flowing. Embedded high tech silver ions give this low profile helmet built-in antibacterial protection, keeping it hygienic and free from smells. Revolutionary GRpx technology creates an unrivaled fit using scientifically designed grippers.

The front of the helmet has been sculpted into a slight upward curve to avoid any interference with the line of vision. It offers superior protection to the Temporal Lobe area of the head, and has an increased Bottom Edge protection. The helmet has a narrow, soft, padded black leather harness made from water and grease resistant leather. The lacing adjustment at the nape of the neck allows for a snug individual fit.

The same great, Pro II skull cap, now available in the Plus version that features a removable liner for easy washing!

Available in Black, Silver, Gold, Hot pink or Navy in sizes 6 3/4-8. Please allow 1-2 weeks for Hot pink, Gold, Silver and Navy.