Ladies Assorted Knee Patch Breeches

Ladies Assorted Knee Patch Breeches


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Closeout! Ladies Assorted Knee Patch Breeches

SPECIAL! Just $12 each when you buy 3 or more at the same time! Lower price will be shown as you continue through checkout.

This is one of the best deals on breeches we've ever offered! We have literally thousands of these breeches, all brand new and all manufactured by Royal Highness. Many were made by Royal Highness for other companies, so the brand names will vary, but the quality won't.

Because of the huge variety of colors, styles, fabrics, and brands (almost every one of these is unique), it is impractical for us to describe each one fully at these prices. The drop-down list shown next to each size shows the size, color, style (front zip, side zip, pull-on, etc.), and type of knee patch (see below for codes). Keep watching. More inventory will be added often.

Knee Patch Codes
CKP = Clarino Knee Patch
SKP = Self Knee Patch (knee patch is made from the same fabric as the rest of the breech)
FZ = Front Zip
SZ = Side Zip
PO = Pull-on

If you are interested in bulk prices for these breeches, please call our toll-free number to inquire. Available in Ladies sizes 24-32.

Color swatches shown below from left to right: Denim-blue Herringbone, Purple, Denim, Ribbed Sage Green. These are just samples of what is available.

*Note: Breeches must be ordered at the same time to get the discount. If breeches are returned so that the number drops below 3, the remaining breeches will be charged at a price of $15.