The Drew Boot Ice Soaking Boot

The Drew Boot Ice Soaking Boot


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Product Description


The Drew Boot equine ice soaking boots are designed to soak the horse's legs from the foot all the way up to above the knee in ice and water; typically done after strenuous exercise.  It rolls up and packs neatly in small places, so no more heavy bulky boots taking up your entire tack trunk!

Sturdy, but flexible, the Drew Boot replaces the stiff, bulky ice boots that risk damage (including to the horse) if the horse moves around in them.

Includes Velcro strap suspenders that attach to both boots and goes above the withers.  (The Drew Boot will stand on its own without the suspenders, but the suspenders will help keep the boot in place if your horse moves around.)  

The Drew Boot is 28" tall and 8" in diameter. Sold in pairs, 2 boots with each purchase. 

The Drew Boot is made from extremely durable vinyl (the same stuff as bouncy castles).  Each equine boot has a removable / replaceable foam pad on the base to provide cushion and durability.

Comes in Red as shown (standard); Available in custom colors ($249.95).