Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Flatwork Wraps

Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Flatwork Wraps


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Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Flatwork Wraps

Made from unique Stomatex material that regulates the skin's temperature, so the hotter your horse, the more breathable the wrap. Soft and flexible, they are ideal for when movement must be unhindered. Provides the support of an exercise bandage with supreme levels of comfort while protecting against minor knocks and scrapes. Ideal for flatwork and hacking. The Stomatex fabric is a lightweight, high-tensile strength performance fabric with ultra-thin polyester membrane and elasticity, this ensures body heat, blood flow and compression remain consistent during all levels of activity.

Available in White or Black in Medium (Cannon width of 20-22cm), Large (Cannon width of 22-24cm) and Extra Large (Cannon Width of 24-26cm). Sold in pairs.