Equi Tape Elastic Kinesiology Athletic Training Tape

Equi Tape Elastic Kinesiology Athletic Training Tape


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Product Description


Equi Tape Elastic Kinesiology Athletic Training Tape

Equi-Tape is the only elastic therapeutic tape created specifically for the equine athlete. Human Olympians, professional athletes as well as weekend warriors have recognized the benefits of elastic kinesiology tape for years, and now Equi-Tape along with special Equi-Taping methodology is being made available to the equestrian community.

Equi-TapeŽ can be used to successfully treat a wide range of equine conditions and helps give support and stability to joints and muscles while at the same time allowing for full range of motion. This specially designed tape can be used to help rehabilitate equine injuries, helping horses become sounder sooner thereby becoming an important resource in equine sports management.

Some of the great benefits of Equi Tape include:

  • Reduces Inflammation and Associated Pain
  • Decreases Muscle Spasms
  • Increases Circulation
  • Excellent for Swelling and Edema
  • Supports Ligaments, Tendons and Joints
  • Non-medicated Treatment
  • Safe to use * Affordable * Non-restrictive
  • Use with other Treatment Modalities
  • Provides Joint & Muscle Support and Stability
  • Helps with Injury Rehabilitation
  • All Weather Tape -- Stays on in Water, humidity and cold weather
  • Supports Full Range of Motion
  • Latex Free for Sensitive Skin
  • Please Note: Equi Tape instructions are not a substitute for professional veterinary advice or the services of a qualified taping practitioner. You should consult a professional for best results or with questions.

    Sold in a roll. Available in Black, Yellow, Red, Pink or Blue.