HFP Custom Trimmed Ear Nets

HFP Custom Trimmed Ear Nets


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Horse Fare Products Custom Trimmed Ear Nets

Ear nets are perfect for protecting the horse's ears from bugs while riding. They are also great for dulling the noises while in the show ring or keeping cotton in place for those horses that get nervous from the show crowd. Also referred to as "ear hooods" in the FEI rules.
Now you can get them custom trimmed so match your event colors, barn colors, or just your favorite color. Perfect as gift idea!

First choose and ear net color, then choose either one color trim ($18.95) or two trim colors ($19.95). If you choose two trim colors in first one is the inside and trim color #2 is the outside.

Colors are listed in the drop down menu's. Please allow an additional 1-2 weeks for this item to be shipped, as the are custom made. Horse size only.