Jammies Designer Hoods

Jammies Designer Hoods

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Product Description


Jammies Designer Horsewear Hoods

Keeps even the messiest horses clean.

  • Tames wild manes and keeps coats shiny and healthy-looking.
  • Keeps shavings, dust and dirt out of manes and show braids.
  • Helps keep horse's shoulders free from blanket chafing.
  • 4-way stretch nylon LycraŽ provides a perfect fit.
  • Zipper makes dressing your horse hassle-free.
  • Superior design with center yoke keeps hood in place without shifting.
  • Durable, contoured buckle provides easy closure.
  • Seamless face design keeps hood out of horse's sensitive tear ducts.
  • Wide band satin elastic keeps muzzle free from chafing.

See below for some of the cool colors available.

Purple Dots, Lilac/Pink

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