Myler 3 Ring Combination, Level 2

Myler 3 Ring Combination, Level 2

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Myler 3 Ring Combination Bit, Level 2

This bit has a 6" shank with sweet iron inlays along with a low ported comfort snaffle.

Myler combination bits disperses and releases pressure evenly through mouth, nose, curb and poll for a kinder, softer message. They utilize various pressure points, and offer simultaneous interactionn of the mouthpiece, curb strap and noseband. Because pressure is dispersed, the bit offers succinct and effective, yet very humane communication, allowing the rider to use less pressure than needed with a traditional bit.

Level 2 bits are designed to communicate with the horse that has basic training and is now learning advanced skills. Features a curved mouthpiece for dispersed pressure and ease of swallow.

The sweet iron inlays are a strong metal with a sweet taste as it slowly oxidizes or rusts. Encourages horses to salivate, creating a softer mouth.

Available in a 5" and 5.5".

NOTE: This bit is now available with black leather noseband and synthetic black curb strap (not as pictured).

WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm --