Matrix Competition Cross Country Coolback Saddle Pad

Matrix Competition Cross Country Coolback Saddle Pad


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Matrix Competition Cross Country Coolback Saddle Pad

The Matrix line is part of the T3 system; an innovative approach to equipment manufacturing that integrates the latest ergonomic research with the most popular time-tested features, and marks a transformation in the design of products for the art, sport and science of riding. A process in which comfort, style, and performance are systematically engineered into the product from the inside out, based on new insights into the interactive dynamics of equine physiology. Proudly made in the USA, using 90% US made products.

The Competition Series pads are specifically designed to offer the maximum amount of protection, support and stability for the demands of Cross Country. 1" square quilt of etc fabric, breathable/wickable batting and polycotton twill bottom. Etc fabric is an innovative fabric that provides a non-slip, anti-friction surface for a secure and stable saddle position. Offers high wicking and breathability for maximum moisture and heat removal. Stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Features an easy-clean Coolback fleece that lines half of the underside. 100% polyester orthopedic fleece, originally designed as an easier-to-clean alternative to sheepskin in the medical industry to prevent pressure sores in wheelchair-bound and bed-ridden patients. The 1" pile is extremely resilient, with excellent recovery. Provides maximum protection over long-term use and washing. Superior breathability and heat dispersal.

Available in White or Black (please allow an additional 2-3 weeks for delivery).

Underside of pad shown below