Mattes Custom Quilted Correction Half Pad

Mattes Custom Quilted Correction Half Pad


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Mattes Custom Quilted Correction Half Pad

Be your own designer, thanks to E.A. Mattes. You can now customize your mattes pad choosing from tons of different color options, allowing you to design a truly unique pad with custom color specifications. Make your pad your barn colors, your event colors, or just go wild!

If you would like to check out our regularly stock sizes/color, please see the Mattes Correction Half Pad page.

The extreme density of the wool, combined with the upright position of the fibers, allows air flow between the fibers for excellent circulation, which provides superior padding and ideal pressure distribution. In addition, the design, which does not have any seams through the wool in the saddle panel area, eliminates rubbing, friction, chafing, pressure points and heat build-up on the horse's skin. Natural sheepskin allows no bounce, but provides extremely high sweat absorption, as its fibers are capable of absorbing eight times their own weight in moisture before it even begins to feel wet.

Mattes pads are designed to be form fitting, and to endure the rigors of both riding and cleaning. You'll notice that the top line on all Mattes pads incorporate a high wither with an anatomically correct curvature. This design eliminates pinching or rubbing in the gullet area of the saddle, which can often be a result of the "straight" top lines found on other pads. You'll also notice the pommel area on every pad is overlapped with sheepskin. All Mattes pads are designed this way to ensure the pad stays in place and does not shift or slide.

The correction system is ideal for horses that are out of shape/form or returning from an injury, where incremental correction may be needed as the horse returns to its competition or recreational form. It can also be used for one-sided horses or as a variable rear or front rise. It should be stressed that these half pads are not designed for correcting an ill-fitting saddle. They are intended to assist in corrections needed to make well-fitting saddles more balanced under reasonable cicumstances due to injuries, layoffs, or intense training situations. Sheepskin panels and pockets for shims. Includes 4 front and 2 rear shims. These shims are easily installed in 5mm layers as needed. These shims allow airflow, have no bounce, can easily be cut for custom fit, and prevent anything from coming in contact with the sensitive spinal area.

Machine washable. Liquid MELP is recommended to increase the longevity of the pads. MELP has regreasing properties that restore the elasticity of the hides.

NOTE: All Customizable Mattes Pads are special order and are NOT returnable. Please allow an additional minimum of 8 weeks for delivery; due to COVID-related production delays, delivery may take longer.

Available without rear sheepskin or with rear sheepskin ($375).