MDC Super Sport Stirrup

MDC Super Sport Stirrup


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Product Description


MDC Super Sport Stirrup

MDC has done it again! Revolutionary  stirrup based on an Italian design and brings to the market features currently not available in one stirrup. The MDC Sport offers the advanced features that riders want in a modern stirrup and over come the weaknesses of previous designs.

MDC Super Sport features include:

  • The MDC Super Sport flex model will be the only stirrup on the world market offering our adjustable top, wide base, positive foot pad and a world class flexible hinge.
  • Traditional look of bright metal products that is the tradition of the show ring
  • Patented adjustable top for better stirrup position and reduction of ankle, knee, hip & back pain guaranteed!
  • Wide base of support. The wide based pad comes standard with The MDC Super Sport, their hinged model and The MDC Sport Classic, their non hinged model. MDC will also offer a traditional width aluminum pad for hunters, equitation and dressage.
  • A more secure, non slip foot pad
  • Lighter in weight than their standard model, but still offering enough weight to have the stirrup hang true
  • Interchangeable wide or traditional width pads
  • Reduction of abrasive characteristics of cheese grater pads on boots, britches, saddles and stirrup leathers
  • Strength of stainless steel blended with the lightness of aluminum; more strength than plastic.
  • MDC's new stirrups will continue their strong belief that stirrups that adjust to your body are better stirrups. If you have knee, ankle, hip or back pain you should definitely try these irons!

    Available in Stainless Steel in 4.75" only.

    Also, take a look at the MDC Sport Classic Stirrup.