Majyk Equipe Sport Boot (Dressage)

Majyk Equipe Sport Boot (Dressage)


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Product Description

Majyk Equipe Sport Dressage Boots

The Majyk Equipe Sport/Dressage boot is made of a tough, flexible bonded outer mesh. The mesh is thermo bonded onto a breathable backing to provide a strong yet breathable boot. The four layer boot construction is built to guard against dust, moisture and heat build-up, making it the perfect boot for longer training sessions. Inner Construction On the inner side of the boot is a strike guard featuring ARTi-LAGE technology. The strike guard is designed to help protect from rubbing and over extending. Inside the strike guard is Majyk's proprietary dilatant material. ARTi-LAGE works by changing its molecular structure to allow a soft free-flow state that hardens upon impact threat. The boot features an eco friendly anti-fungal non-neoprene Bio Foam interior. Extra large perforations helps prevent heat build-up while the super-soft finish offers exceptional comfort with enough traction to prevent slipping. Double stitched finishes insure a well constructed boot that will resist fraying and separating. Ideal for trail as it does not pick up grass and burrs like traditional Hook and Loop boots.

Features:  Unique Shape Readily Conforms to Leg - Reinforced Breathable Bonded Mesh Outer - ARTi-LAGE Impact Protection - Ultra Lightweight, Breathable & Comfortable - Four Layer Construction - Non Neoprene Anti Bacterial Bio Foam - Double Stitched Binding and Finishes - Long Straps for Adjustment.

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL. White/White, Black/Black, Black/Turquoise, Black/Purple. Sold in pairs (right and left).

Size Guidelines. Because there is no difference between the front and hind boots, you made need different sizes for front and hind.
Large Pony/Small Horse (14.3hh - 15.2hh) - Small for Front, Medium for Hind
Medium Horse (15.3hh - 16.3hh) - Small or Medium for Front, Medium or Large for Hind
Large Horse (17hh-17.3hh) - Medium for Front, Large for Hind
XL Horse (18+hh) - XL for Front and Hind