Nunn Finer Customizable Bridle

Nunn Finer Customizable Bridle

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Nunn Finer Customizable Bridle

The Nunn Finer Bridle can be modified at your request to properly fit your horse’s head, and can be quickly customized to fit multiple horses by ordering additional cheekpieces, browbands, or crowns. Need a cob crown with an oversize browband or a horse size bridle with cob cheeks? No problem. This bridle can solve your fitting problems.

English bridle leather with 5/8” cheeks, padded chin, buckle billet ends and your choice of figure 8 or plain with removable flash nosebands. 5/8” rubber reins included. Select brass or stainless fittings.

To get the perfect fitting bridle, just select the needed sizes from the drop down menus above.

Size chart (inches)