Protec Deluxe Nylon Safety Halter

Protec Deluxe Nylon Safety Halter




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Protec Deluxe Nylon Safety Halter

Not a whole lot has changed in the world of nylon halters in years. Sure, now you can get neon green and pink camo, but what has really changed? Nothing.

Until now. The Protec Safety Halter combines the durability of nylon, the comfort of sheepskin, and the safety of hook-and-loop fasteners (similar to Velcro) to create the next generation of nylon safety halter.

This halter features releasable hook-and-loop closures at the crown, the brow, the noseband, the chin, and the cheeks. Compared to older style safety halters, which typically release only at the crown -- often with a breakaway leather strap which must be replaced -- the Protec Safety Halter offers more safety points in case your horse gets caught up, and also gives you an easy way to quickly release the halter in case of emergency.

Great for trailering or turnout. Reflective stripes on the cheeks and noseband not only provide additional visibility for your horse, but make finding the halter in a dark field a snap with a flashlight.

Soft and durable sheepskin lining prevents rubbing and hair loss often associated with daily wear of a nylon halter.

Available in Royal Blue (shown) and Silver. Please check the drop down menu for availability.