Prestige Saddle Tree Adjustment

Prestige Saddle Tree Adjustment


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Product Description

VTO Saddlery is one of a very few facilities in the United States authorized to perform tree adjustments on Prestige saddles.  With nearly 15 years experience, we have the equipment and know-how to treat your saddle right.

We have adjusted over 1,000 Prestige saddles, and can also perform tree adjustments on Erreplus saddles and Tekna saddles.

Ship your saddle to us and we can usually turn it around in 1-3 business days.

What do we need from you?

  1. Your saddle, of course.  But don't ship it just yet.
  2. Two photos of your saddle girthed up on the horse you are trying to fit.  We like to see these photos with NO saddle pad.  Just your horse, the saddle, and the girth.
    One photo should be a side-on conformation shot showing your entire horse (all four feet!) preferably on level ground.  This gives us a sense of the overall balance of the saddle from front to back.
    The other photo should be what we call a quarter-on shot of the shoulder.  Stand at your horse's nose and take a step to the right or left.  Take the photo of the horse's shoulder and the leading edge of the saddle. This gives us an idea of how well (or poorly) the angle of the saddle's tree points aligns with the angle of your horse's shoulder.
    These photos should be emailed to  Please wait until you hear back from us before shipping your saddle.
  3. Your shipping address and phone number.
  4. Any additional information that would be useful in evaluating the fit, including wither tracings done by a professional fitter.  Please do not send wither tracings done by you, unless you are a professional fitter.
Our standard price of $195 includes the return shipping via UPS ground to any continental U.S. address.  Expedited shipping and shipping to addresses outside the continental U.S. will be charged at the actual shipping rate.