Super Awesome Deluxe Tack Repair Kit

Super Awesome Deluxe Tack Repair Kit




Product Description


Super Awesome Deluxe Tack Repair Kit

Another EXCLUSIVE from VTO Saddlery! The Super Awesome Deluxe Tack Repair Kit contains everything you need to fix your problems and get back in the saddle.

The S.A.D. Tack Repair Kit features these revolutionary components:

  • One roll of Tack Tape in a fashion-forward silvery-greyish type color. This product by itself is enough to repair most of your tack mishaps. Nearly indestructible. Annoyingly adhesive. When you fix it with this, it stays fixed.
  • One 40" length of Tack Twine. 1001 uses*, it's the answer you've been waiting for. Belt broke? Tack Twine. Martingale mishap? Tack Twine. Browband blowout? Tack Twine. Ain't alliteration awesome?
  • Tacky Tack Glue. Originally developed for the equine industry, this product is so versatile that some clever marketers slapped another animal on the label for the non-horsey market. Perfect for when your horse throws a shoe. Saddle slipping on your saddle pad? A few drops of Tacky Tack Glue and it will never move again. Ever.

Here are just a few examples of what the S.A.D. Tack Repair Kit can do for you:

"The S.A.D. Tack Tape is amazing! My shoe blew out at the barn, so I wrapped it with the tape and I was good to go. It lasts and lasts. Honestly, I don't know why they don't just make boots out of this stuff to begin with!"
"My browband blew out right before I was going into the show ring. Fortunately I had some Tack Twine on hand and was able to make a replacement on the spot. I worked perfectly, plus it gave my presentation that rustic look that all the hunter judges are so crazy about these days."

*We can actually only think of 53, but are confident we can come up with 1001 if pressed.