Sprenger Sensogan Dynamic RS Multi Ring Snaffle Bit

Sprenger Sensogan Dynamic RS Multi Ring Snaffle Bit


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Sprenger Sensogan Dynamic RS Multi Ring Snaffle Bit

The special effect of these bits is the three different possibilities of attaching the reins. Depending on the purpose and education level they enable versatile application possibilities. See picture below description for more information.

The dynamic RS bits have an ergonomically formed mouthpieces which lies perfectly in the horse's mouth. Soft and even pressure is exerted on the entire tongue area, encouraging the horse to chew. The gentle joint in the middle which is angled foward-the characteristic feature of the KK ultra-makes it a very friendly bit.

The mouthpiece is made from Sprenger's Sensogan material. Sensogan is the result of additional development and consequently the improvement of Sprenger's original Aurigan material. Sprenger has used the success of their Aurigan material to build an even better bit that gives a more delicate and sophisticated connection to the horse. The innovative mix of materials including the micronutrient manganese and a reduced copper content increases the horse's chewing activity and salivation in a targeted manner. Sensogan has improved properties but also a new appearance. The white-gold color gives the bit a discreet and elegant look and due to the improved material mix, Sensogan does not tarnish easily as the chewing activity of the horse is optimally supported. It is easy to care for and maintains its elegant appearance over a long time period.

Available in 5" and 5.25" with 16mm mouthpiece and 70mm stainless steel rings.