Saratoga Horseworks Bandage 2-Pack

Saratoga Horseworks Bandage 2-Pack

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Saratoga Horseworks Bandage 2-Pack

Ideal for working, convalescing, or shipping horses these wraps are the very best for any discipline! The firm controlled stretch of the Saratoga Bandage offers more support to the lower leg than any other product of its type. The light weight breathable material carries only 3 oz. of water when soaking wet, keeping weight down even in the worst going. The patented silicone application on the inside of the bandage has been further refined for a more secure fit and even pressure distribution on the leg. This bandage has been developed for use as an exercise bandage applied directly to the leg or over appropriate underlayments as a stable or shipping bandage. Its superior support, fit, securtiy and longevity allow it to outperform any lower leg support device or bandage available.

Available in a 2-Pack in White and Black. Each bandage in 9 feet long.