Thinline Trifecta Cotton Ultra Half Pad

Thinline Trifecta Cotton Ultra Half Pad


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Product Description


Thinline Trifecta Cotton Ultra Half Pad

ThinLine Pads are different from any other pad because it incorporates an open-cell technology that moves shock, weight and heat laterally along the pad without compressing. Operating much like a shoe insole, this new technology in saddle pads provides the greatest comfort and protection on the market for both horse and rider. 95% shock absorption and 100% air flow. This cotton base design gives your Ultra ThinLine a whole new level of performance by making it two pads in one. Other great features include:

  • Maximum Rider and Saddle stability
  • Spine free, wither profile creates the most comfortable fit
  • Easy maintenance: very washable or use over another pad
  • As an added benefit, this pad is also "shimmable" (modify saddle fit--without having to buy another saddle)
  • NEW in 2019-  Mesh spine increases airflow
  • NEW in 2019- Increased wither clearance. Old model shims will still fit the new model
  • Available in Black or White in Medium or large. The medium pad measurements are: The cotton pad measures 22" along the spine and 16" across the widest point of the seat. The Ultra ThinLine panels measure 21.75" and 15" across the seat.