Thinline Trifecta Ultra Half Pad with Sheepskin Rolls

Thinline Trifecta Ultra Half Pad with Sheepskin Rolls


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Product Description


Thinline Trifecta Ultra Half Pad with Sheepskin Rolls

The Trifecta takes the basic Ultra ThinLine Half Pad to a whole new level. The cotton base design creates a wither profile and spine free channel, allowing the Ultra ThinLine to lay on either side of the spine so that it is always in the right place. ThinLine developed this pad to give riders the fashion appeal of sheepskin and the shock absorption they and their horses need without the bulk, high maintenance or cost of a full sheepskin pad and offers no interference for riders who prefer close leg contact with their horse.

Other reasons to try Thinline:

  • Riders Sit Better - better equitation
  • Horses use their back better - all horses go better in ThinLine
  • ThinLine protects both rider and horses backs
  • Breathable, no-slip ThinLine keeps your horse comfortable and your saddle in place
  • Absorbs more shock than anything else in a thin pad that will not compromise saddle fit
  • NEW for 2019-Mesh spine for improved ventilation and comfort (NOT pictured)
  • NEW for 2019-Woven Wool: On a synthetic hide, the high-density top-grade sheepskin is needled in, greatly improving longevity
  • NEW for 2019-Increased wither clearance. Old model shims will still fit
  • This pad is also "shimmable"! Meaning you can add shims to ride multiple horses in the same saddle, have horses changing shape, and adjust saddle fit-without having to buy a new saddle!

    Available in Black or white in size Medium or Large.