Tri-Zone Impact Boots Hind

Tri-Zone Impact Boots Hind

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Tri-Zone Impact Boots Front

Introducing the NEW Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boot's.  The ultimate in leg protection. We've taken the original Impact Sports Boot and redesigned them using the latest research and technology, added a choice of colors, plus a range of sizes, so this all round boot can be used by anyone, for anything. Superior tested protection levels make them suitable for high impact sports such as cross country, polo and racing. They are so comfortable to wear making them equally perfect for everyday riding. They are easy to wash and dry.

Tested to be lightweight, even when wet! Heavy boots increase the effort the horse must make and increase the risk of injury caused by the early onset of fatigue.

Tested for protection against concussion and penetration, applying the same force as if the horse was to hit a solid fence or obstacle or struck into itself.

Tested for breathability to ensure heat is allowed to escape from the boot, as research indicates that high temperatures may result in damage to tendons.

Tested for flexibility to reduce restriction of the horse's movement. Stiff or tight boots can affect performance due to altering stride characteristics and joint movement.

  • Small  14-15.2hh (large ponies, Arabs and Thoroughbreds, Thoroughbred crosses)
  • Medium  15.3hh – 16.2hh (standard sized Thoroughbreds and Sports Horses)
  • Large  16.3hh – 17.3hh (large Warmbloods, and Sports Horses)