MDC S Stirrup Irons

MDC S Stirrup Irons

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MDC S Stirrup Irons

MDC "S" Stirrups are designed for riders who appreciate the classic lines of traditional stirrups and seek the performance and safety advantages offered by their patented 45 degree "S" Stirrup positioning technology. The "S" Stirrup delivers improved stirrup and leg position, greater base of support, relieves pressure on ankles, knees, hips and back, are easily retrievable and safer in the event of a fall.

The low profile aluminum "sure grip" tread is an improvement over "cheese grater" pads that can cut the soles of your boots, britches and saddle leather and do not easily release in a fall. The wide tread design allows for more traction, more stability and more comfort. Pressure in the foot is spread over a greater surface area resulting in less foot pain.

Available in the S Classic (pictured above) for $179.95 or the S Flex (pictured below left, far left) for $199.95  in 4.75" in stainless steel.