Eau de Barn Spray

Eau de Barn Spray


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Product Description

Eau de Barn All Natural Spray

Do you miss your barn when you're dragged away from it?  Miss it no more, with yet another VTO Saddlery limited-time exclusive - Eau de Barn! This is a "special" all-natural formula that re-creates that special stench bouquet of your favorite place.

Do you have a new truck and want to get rid of that nasty new-truck smell?  Hit it with Eau de Barn, and it will never smell new again!  In fact, our testing shows that Eau de Barn is almost as effective as a manual transmission in preventing your city friends from asking to borrow your truck.

Use it in your mud-room.  "Fix" those new paddock boots you just bought.  Spice up your bedroom - hey, no one is judging you here.

Made from our exclusive, secret formula, Eau de Barn includes these key ingredients:

  • Extract of composted horse manure
  • Essence of wet, moldy hay
  • Powdered barn boot tread
  • Hoof squeezins
We have a very limited stock, so get yours today while it's still fresh!

16oz. spray bottle.

Precautions: May cause allergic reactions in most people.  If ingested, do not induce vomiting; it should come naturally.  Keep from heat and open flame.  Not for use in actual barns.