VTO Saddlery 11-Way Breastplate

VTO Saddlery 11-Way Breastplate

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VTO Saddlery 11-Way Breastplate

EXCLUSIVE! For a limited time only!

You may remember the days of the breast collar, with two attachments. How quaint.

Then came the hunting breastplate, with three attachments. Better.

Then some clever people came up with the five-way breastplate. Even better. But is it enough?

Now, for the first time ever, VTO Saddlery is pleased to announce a leap-frog of breastplate technology. Introducing the exclusive ELEVEN-WAY Breastplate. Made from quality European-inspired leather and meticulisly matikulously carefully crafted by expert leatherworkers, this breastplate will give you many years of steadfast service.

Easy-to-use, your groom and two friends can easily probably attach it in under five fifteen minutes. Guaranteed to keep your saddle in place, and maybe your horse, too.

So don't settle for less. Get the exclusive VTO Saddlery 11-Way Breastplate today before they are all gone!

"I really like this breastplate. This one goes to eleven."
- N. Tufnel